As Humans We Are Equipped With An
Amazing Tool - Our Mind, And Yet We
Utilize So Little Of It’s Awesome Power.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state in which the mind and the body enter into a peaceful state of relaxation. This relaxation occurs as an individual’s attention becomes narrowed in and focussed on a single stimuli. The state achieved is similar to that experienced during meditation.

How Will I Be Hypnotised?

Using his or her voice as the point of focus for your attention, the experienced practitioner will gently guide you into a deep state of physical relaxation. As your body begins relaxing the mind automatically follows, naturally slowing down and decreasing its level of activity by several cycles per second. At these lower cycles, the altered state of awareness created.

Why Is Willpower Not Enough?

Whilst it is easy for us to make a conscious decision to change something, if our conscious desire for change is not matched by the same desire in our subconscious mind, the change that results is often temporary. The subconscious is the more powerful of the two, and if this part of our mind is working against our conscious desire for change, old habits, desires and patterns of behaviour soon become dominant again. In order for permanent change to occur we must be motivated to change at a deep subconscious level and this is why hypnotherapy is so powerful in assisting us to make the changes we desire.

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